Creative Arts Center of Dallas

The Creative Arts Center (CAC), located in Dallas, TX, is an art atelier that has offered visual arts classes to students of all skill levels and experiences for nearly 50 years. city.

The CAC approached me to create 2 videos for them:

  • 30-second intro video for their website.
  • 90-second contextual video, played before their own presentations when applying for grants.

The CAC campus feels like a little magical place and I aimed to convey that mood in these videos, rather than create a run of the mill “corporate video”. I color-corrected the CAC’s own collection of photos and used them to create brief narratives highlighting their work and service in the community.

In order to capture that mood, I researched the school’s history, their mission, and their campus. It was a real treat learning about the CAC and its rich history.

Its a rare treat to have a gem of an art school such as the CAC in one’s city. I hope you’ll consider taking an art class there.



Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Animation, Photography


30-Second Video

This is the first video I did for them, which simply introduces what classes they provide at the CAC.

90-Second Video

This video is used internally and for presentations when applying for grants before a committee.

Music is a temp track : “Perpetuum Mobile” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra