HOTBOX is a vein warming dilator that assists in blood draws, for which I created the logo for.

The device, which was originally engineered at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, was optioned to Solace Medical to develop the distribution and manufacturing of the product.

I was given the opportunity to design the logo for the product, where I created a logo for a dark background, a light background, and in simple black-and-white.

The brief required something “soft, yet technical”, to reflect that this was a new high- tech product that made blood-drawing easier, less painful, and more hygienic.

I created the HOTBOX logo with these descriptors in mind through my color and typography choices.


Solace Medical Technology


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Design should be an iterative process. In my experience, it is a very seldom thing to come up with a perfect idea the first time around.

In fact, I tell my students what my own design professors have told me throughout the years: they’re robbing themselves of a better design if they simply settle for the first “good” idea.

The best ideas come from the gold nuggets you explored thoroughly.

Here’s a look at a few of my sketches for this project to get a glimpse into my design process.